Progress Rather Than Perfection

By accepting that addiction is a disease, I am able to be more realistic about my recovery.

There is a saying that unrealistic expectations are resentments waiting to happen. It is easy for me to have skewed expectations and this can be very unhealthy for me. My expectations for nearly everything, my career, wife, children, and other people can get skewed. I’ll tell myself that life would be better if people would just do what I want them to do, however, that is not how life works. As long as I am aware of this, I find it easier to stay centered.

Many people who are new to recovery are often very sensitive to what other people think. I believe this is the result of having low self-esteem and being overly self-conscious. Today, I am getting over the need for other people to know how they hurt me. I am becoming more aware when I am having negative thoughts and improving how I deal with those thoughts. I try not to let those thoughts turn into resentments; after all, resentments are what lead me back to that first drink.


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