If you are looking for Wellness Training, particularly if you are associated with a Law Enforcement/First Responder organization, I would recommend the services provided by Police Spirit:

Here is a program I have been involved with – supporting Ohio’s First Responders:

A captured video of me providing Alcohol Awareness Training to the Ohio Highway Patrol:

Video of Steve Click with the Ohio Assist Program:

Information about Valor Station: Planned Medical Treatment Center in Augusta, Georgia, exclusively for First Responders burdened by substance abuse, post traumatic stress or other wellness-threatening issues.

Information about Blue H.E.L.P: Honoring the Service of Law Enforcement Officers Who Died by Suicide:

Hazelden Betty Ford Discussion on Marijuana:

Limitations of Smart Recovery:

Information about Guardian Initiatives. Mark Pfetzer and Jarrod Slindee are rowing across the Atlantic to raise first responder awareness on mental wellness and suicide prevention.

Helpful Alcohol Information:

Breaking The Stigma: The Hayden Hurst Story:

Other Interesting YouTube Videos:

Links to Eating Disorder Websites:

Links to Attention Deficit Disorder Websites:

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