Social Media and the Current Crisis

Between COVID-19 and the protests, there is no doubt there is a crisis going on in this nation. Everyone is suffering, however, those in recovery and especially those that need to be in recovery, this is particularly true. Currently, there are no face to face recovery meetings to attend, and many people are having to resort to online meetings. This is an adaptation that has been a life saver for many, but there is no doubt face to face meetings cannot be replaced. Additionally, for people who are in the habit of daily meetings, or at least several meetings a week, this is certainly a difficult time. It is obvious the public at large has become increasing frustrated with recent social events, but for those in recovery, this frustration can lead to resentments, and resentments will lead back to that first drink or drug. We must be mindful of this and be on guard. I would suggest not watching the news all day and continually checking your Social Media. Remember to take care of your spiritual development, use this time to read recovery literature, stay in contact with your support network, and revisit your gratitude list. Above all else, pray. This is the time to put all of the tools you’ve learned to the test and practice what you have learned in recovery.


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