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2 Replies to “Podcast”

  1. Greetings

    My name is Richard Jewell and I am a Therapist at Holdfast Recovery in Prescott Az. The Founder of Holdfast Recovery is Brendan McDonough. Brendan is the sole survivor of the Granite Mountain fire that killed all 19 of his firefighter brothers 7 years ago. Brendan went through unspeakable trauma and fell into heavy drug use and alcoholism in the years following the tragedy. The major motion picture Only the Brave was about his life and the tragedy that killed 19 wildland firefighters. Brendan found recovery and felt compelled to share his story of recovery and hope with those still suffering from addiction and trauma related issues. Brendan decided to start Holdfast Recovery as a way to reach those who still suffer in silence. Would you be interested in meeting via zoom or skype as a way to speak with Brendan and possible having him on as a guest on your podcast. Brendan would love to share his story to your listeners in the hopes that he may inspire people to break the stigma around addiction and get help to those who may need it.

    Richard Jewell MS.
    Brendan McDonough

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